HDE One is a cloud-based security service, provides additional security for Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce. HDE One is designed to: prevent email data breaches(Messaging Security); reduce the risk of information leakage due to devices theft or loss(Device Security); prevent unauthorized access to cloud services(Access Control).


HDE Secure Browser

HDE Secure Browser enables you to securely access cloud services federated with HDE One, using your HDE One account.


HDE OTP Generator

HDE OTP Generator is a virtual device application for multi-factor authentication (MFA), so-called two-step verification, which generates time-based one-time passwords (OTP) complying with RFC 6238 (TOTP: Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm).HDE OTP Generator supports multiple authentication source. You may use QR codes, or URLs copied onto the clipboard to add authentication configures.


Customers Mail

Customers Mail's cloud-based email infrastructure relieves complexity of maintaining custom email systems. Customers Mail provides reliable delivery, scalability and analytics features.


Access security

HDE One protects the cloud-based services safely from the risk of information leakage caused by the unauthorized access of cloud-based services such as Google Apps and Office 365 which is delivered by the additional access control functions including IP restriction and two-factor authentication functions.



Device security

The exclusively developed secure browser allows safe access to cloud-based services from devices. Because viewed information is not left in the devices, the risk of information leakage due to devices theft or loss can be minimized.



Messaging security

HDE One provides additional security services for Google Apps, Office 365.The services can deliver highly sophisticated email security through features; prevent accidentally sending an email to unintended recipients, encrypt file attachment, deliver email by time lag, archive entire email messages, provide greater managerial control over email policies, all into a single service.


Why use HDE One ?


One login

HDE One provides a cloud-based identity and access management solution that offers simple single sign-on (SSO) , making it easier for companies to secure and manage access to cloud services like Office365, Google Apps, Salesforce.


All in One

HDE One is designed to: prevent email data breaches (Messaging Security) ; reduce the risk of information leakage due to devices theft or loss (Device Security) ; prevent unauthorized access to cloud services (Access Control).


Best one

HDE One has been named a leader in Fuji Kimera Research Inc’s “Market trend report for the collaboration-type Cloud-based service business in 2012.”


Cloud-based email infrastructure built for developers.

Customers Mail is a cloud-based email infrastructure scalable, reliable and easy to implement. Email remains the most powerful form of customer communication but building and maintaining your own SMTP infrastructure can be resource intensive and costly. Let Customers Mail eliminates the cost and complexity of maintaining your own infrastructure so you can focus on developing the next great application.


Ensuring the delivery of email to mobile devices.

When the email distribution is accelerated, a situation where emails cannot be received by certain mobile carriers and certain ISP. Customers Mail offers the environment being always tuned up and optimized for the accelerated distribution of emails through accelerated email distribution engine and distribution control program for mobile carriers


Protection from Joe-Job mail.

Today, we are seeing more and more cases of phishing, which is a fraud where malicious third party by masquerading as a financial institution and EC site operator send emails in order to acquire customer information for fraudulent activities, and damages induced by phishing is growing. Application of measures against phishing is in urgent needs to ensure customers' security while they are using the service. The service protects corporations and customers from Joe-Job mails through the application of distribution of e-certified mails, and state-of-the-art sender authentication technologies (DKIM, and SPF).


PaaS - The most ideal development platform for email systems.

Customers Mail is a cloud-based development platform for e-mail systems that can be used by any industries and types of businesses. Development of e-mail systems from scratch requires highly advanced technical capabilities as well as a significant amount of time. Following the implementation of the system, tuning process, application of the latest security measures for email, as well as the additional functional requirements are all required. Customer Mail liberates all of these tedious processes surrounding the development and operation of email systems.

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